Mission Partners

We are all partners together in the sharing of the Gospel, as Jesus commanded. We have a strong tradition of supporting those who take the Gospel to others and we currently support 17 individuals and organisations, working in the UK and throughout the world.

How we choose our focus

Our Mission Strategy Committee decides on the overall focus for our involvement in mission and together with our Mission Partner Support Group, considers an annual budget for the individual mission partners and makes recommendations to the PCC.

As well as our financial support of these partners, we have collections each year at Harvest and Christmas for other charities involved in Christian work.

Involving the church family

The Mission Partner Support Group is responsible for communication with our mission partners, meeting regularly to pray for them and acting as a point of contact with the church family. We pray regularly for them in our Sunday services and at our regular St. Mary's Evening.

Each year we hold a 'World Focus Sunday' with a guest speaker at each of our services, which focuses on our role in telling others about Jesus, followed by a lunch where we highlight the work of our partners in the UK and overseas.  

Meeting our partners

It's always great when our partners visit us and update us on their work. We also hold a summer barbecue for the church family, to which our mission partners come if available, which gives us a chance to meet and socialise informally.